201MC Professional Experience

Experience to date –

I think so far my professional experience has been quite restricted and has only been through projects set in college and my first year of university. Although this was all through many projects that were set for me, I do think I have acted professional throughout them. These projects have consisted of working in groups, working on many forms of software, writing scripts and many more professional factors I have learnt along the way though education. I do think now I know the skills and what it takes to do these projects I could do them just for myself and without them having to be set for me.

Skills that could be developed –

I do think this professional module will be a great time for me to learn to become more confident with others and showing other people my work and what I can do. I feel I have the skills to get tasks done but not actually the confidence to get out there and do them and show people. I feel positivity and confidence is probably the best skill anyone can have when it comes to being successful and I think working on this would really make be better professionally.

Another skill that I would very much like to improve on would be my use with cameras. I know the basics of how to use them but I would like to feel so much more comfortable with them.

How you might develop those skills –

Starting some of my own set or freelance projects that I could enjoy and maybe work on with other people could develop these skills. I know if I had a professional placement I could gain more confidence in my work, and myself making me more positive. Throughout this next year I am going to set myself little tasks to do and set time to look for placements and big opportunities.