260 – What makes a city?

A ‘city’ and what makes up a city can mean various things to many different people. For me, a city is always alive and there is always something happening. For me, a city is filled with all different races, religions and social class but for someone else this could mean a totally different thing. I come from a small town in the North East of England so I feel I notice many differences between that and a big city. The whole class added to a page to define what a city was.


Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 17.46.38

Things added to the page consisted of

  • Transport
  • Various Buildings
  • People
  • Art
  • Internet
  • Music
  • Jobs

All of these factors are what have been brought to the city by people. Because a city has such a variety of people we see this through what is in the city by what has been built. Now knowing what factors people consider in a city I can use this and adapt it to how capitalism has affected them.


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