260 – Playable City

In one lecture we had two guys from the company Ludicrooms come in to talk about ‘the playable city’.

The playable city is all about making something simple into something interactive. In a big capitalistic city where everyone is going to work it makes someone stop and interact with it.

The ludicrooms company says “We make playful experiences and try to uncover the little moments of joy that hide somewhere between digital things and the real world. We like to collaborate with people and make things together.”


Some examples of playable city things are A’Dam. This is a tower block interactive hub that contains advertisements that talk to you in first person. This makes them more personal and interactive.

There is also an interactive feature that films you for a small amount of time and allows you to make a flipbook out of it. You have to buy the flipbook at the end.

Another example is talking bins in London. This interactive feature in the city gives litter bins personalities and talk to you when used. This encourages people to use them more and therefore saves more money and time from people having go around picking up after people that litter.


Although making a city playable gives a small personal experience of fun, there are still reasons behind it. Most reasons being that they save money or bring in money by selling the experience.



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