My final Idea

After brainstorming many ideas I decided the theme for my final idea should be about the body. I wanted to show the body closely without making it sexual like how it is made in the media. I wanted to make the viewer uncomfortable when watching. I watched existing experimental videos, which gave me ideas on what to incorporate into my own piece. Two pieces that I found the most helpful for my final outcome are ‘Not I’ by Samuel Beckett and ‘2 Into 1’ by Gillian Wearing. I have covered these before in a reflective blog post but the main factors I incorporated into my own work is the uncomfortable effect ‘Not I’ has on the audience by showing the mouth very closely doing various things. This is uncomfortable because you don’t normally look at a person’s mouth that closely. I also wanted to show this because the mouth can be a part of the body that can be very sexualised but I have changed this by showing the mouth in other ways such as eating and laughing. This can seem very uncomfortable especially with the audio I have put over the top of these visuals.

The audio I have used is very different compared to the visuals in my piece. I added sounds you wouldn’t normally associate with the body. The sounds I added were very mechanical with sounds such as traffic and machinery. This use of opposite sound was inspired by Gillian Wearing’s ‘2 Into 1’ where she swaps a mother and sons voices around.

Overall I am happy with my final piece and feel it does bring the effect of being uncomfortable to the viewer and definitely is not sexualised which I was quite worried about it being.


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