202MC – Hand in Links

Name: Kate Bailey


Student ID number:  4945242

Production Portfolio Link –    https://katebaileyyr2.wordpress.com/category/202mc/

Finished Video Link – https://vimeo.com/125196581

Reflection Video Link – https://vimeo.com/125187573


202MC – Research – Looking at existing videos

I looked on vimeo to see what work other people had done revolving around New York to give me ideas of what I could do for my own work. After just searching ‘New York’ in the search of vimeo I came across a video called ‘New york’ which was essentially a slow motion show reel of people and places in New York with music over the top of these visuals. Watching this really made me want to think about the cinematography I would like to use in my own video just to make it look more different to others.


I also watched another video called ‘My Year In New York’ which is also a show reel showing different locations of New York at different times within the year. This video was of much higher quality compared to the first one I watched and was very eye pleasing. I felt more emotionally attached to this video and felt like I knew the people within it giving me such a warm feeling inside, I felt like it was my year in New York not the filmmakers and I think leaving that impact on me has already made it more effective. What I want to take from this to make my own piece is what effect it will have on the viewer when they watch it.


202MC – Here and There

The title for my end video is going to be ‘Here and There.’

The challenge I am setting myself is to get out of my comfort zone and explore New York to compare and contrast it to my small home town in the north of England. I feel like there is going to be a very large difference between the two and I feel it would be good to show visually so this is what I’m going to focus it around.

My idea of presenting this contrast in an experimental video has came from what I have seen in the media and in the research I have done. There is such a difference between New York and my small town at home. This idea will be formed in an experimental way through the use of sound and visuals to express feelings of the atmosphere in the location.

I think what is different about this project I have set for myself is everyone would have their own contrast between the two but mine would be different because it is personal to me and I hope this would show throughout. Although the experiences from both New York and home but I would like viewers to share them too and this is why the audience I would make this for is anyone that would be interested in the contrast.

202MC – Research – Current Blogs about New York

I tried to find people’s blogs of their life in New York to get a get a sense and understand what it is like to live there before I went to visit. One blog I found was called ‘Humans of New York’. This blog had a collaboration of stories from different people talking about living there, themselves and their experiences, with a picture of them above. I found this blog very interesting because there are all different people from different backgrounds adding their stories. Some captions to the pictures aren’t so much stories but are just a quote from them. I found it very interesting just to see such a variety of people that all live in one City. This blog has even been made into a book containing the pictures and stories from all the New Yorkers.bookcover

Looking at this blog and reading about all the different people has made me realise that New York and everywhere else in the world can be filled with very interesting people that you will probably just walk past in the street. While I am in New York I hope to speak to various people and engage in finding them myself just like this blog. Hopefully talking to people myself will have an impact on the end result of my work and in other work I produce too.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 23.21.15


Another blog I found was ‘Tracy’s New York Life’ this blog was a bit different to ‘Humans of New York’ rather than it featuring a wide range of stories it is all about one person, Tracy. Tracy lives in Manhattan and shares on her blog various experiences she has had and places she has been in New York. Tracy gives tips on how to use the New York Subway, the best places to go for food and ‘See how New Yorkers work and play’. I think this blog is more useful to me when considering places to go and film rather than the inspiration for filming.

One thing I have found very helpful for when I go to New York is her blog post on using the New York subway system which I was quite worried about using. Now I have gained some knowledge I knoScreen Shot 2015-04-15 at 13.07.07w a bit more and can be more confident when travelling around the city.


202MC – Planning

I have planned all of the locations I would like to go to while in New York and where to go each day just to make the most of the time I have there. The day we fly there will be a full day of travel so I won’t be able to get much shot then apart from the journey. There are certain landmarks I would really like to experience such as The statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, The 9/11 Memorial and many more but if I can space these out throughout my time there I can really spend my time on enjoying it and getting the shots I like without feeling overwhelmed. Because my project is all about comparing New York to home I want to get a feel for the place and maybe as well as going to these locations decide more when I get there depending on what I feel would fit in my video.

Day 1 – Statue of liberty

Day 2 – Empire State Building

Day 3 – 9/11 Memorial and Church

This is just a basic plan so far and will also be weather depending but could easily be changed around. Having this plan in mind will also allow me to plan how much money I will need.