Reflection – ‘On Photography’ by Susan Sontag

Reading this book by Susan Sontag really made me realise the importance of photography in everyday life and the whole history of how it came about. I am interested in photography myself but not to a high level but reading these essays just made me think about photos more and am just more interested.

I did get quite confused at times when artists work was being talked about but I took notes of them and looked into them as I read to get more of an understanding. This helped me picture what was being used as examples. These artists, photographers and filmmakers that I took note on really interested me to do more research just in my free time. I think it would open me up to new ideas that I can take inspiration from for my own work.

“Not to take pictures of one’s children, particularly when they are small, is a sign of parietal indifference, just as not turning up for one’s graduation picture is a gesture of adolescent rebellion” (pg 8)

When reading On Photography I found this quote so relatable. Most people have pictures from when they were children and they are just things you expect to see when you grow up. I complain to my parents that there are more pictures of my sister when she was younger than me. I think this is because she was the first born. Parents want to savor every memory before their child grows up. These pictures from milestones in people’s lives such as younger years and graduations probably would feel like they never happened if there wasn’t a picture there to prove it.